Land Box Premium

Land Box Premium is ideal for minivans and off-road vehicles. Its purpose is to make camping in less accessible places still comfortable.

The whole box fits in the trunk, and it takes about a minute to unfold a comfortable bed. The adjustable support legs make the box suitable for a variety of cars. As with our other boxes, the sleeping area is widened to take full advantage of the space available inside the car. The mattress cover can be easily removed and washed.

The drawer of the box can be removed at any time and placed next to it, meaning it can be used as a coffee table at the campsite or to cook dinner in areas not reachable by the car.

When you are not cooking, the oven’s wind shield creates a flat worktop. For cooking you just need to unfold the cover and ignite the burner powered by a gas cylinder or cartridge. The whole thing can be easily disassembled and washed, and the burner itself can be carried in a backpack for a hiking trip if necessary.

There is a 10-litre water tank in the drawer, which is easily removed for refilling. The electric water pump, tap with a connector and the fold-out sink make washing up quick and easy even on short stops.

The optional Dometic compressor fridge and storage compartments accessible from both the top and front make it easy to store food, and the fold-out tabletop provides space for preparing it. Land Box Premium also has an integrated cutting board with knives and cutlery for two people, so you do not have to remember about bringing them when you go on a journey.

Cooking like a chef with a gas stove that can also be pulled out and taken on a hiking trip.

In the sink you can wash vegetables, dirty dishes or pour water into the kettle, and after replacing the tap with the shower head you can use it as a shower.

Cutting board with hidden knives and cutlery – everything has its place here.

The box fits in the trunk, and it takes about a minute to unfold the sleeping area.

The drawer can be easily pulled out and placed anywhere, e.g. under an awning.

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