Who we are

The Escape Vans brand was established on 1 June 2017. It combines two great passions – motoring and travel.

The idea itself was born during a car trip around the United States. It was then that the possibility of converting small vehicles into comfortable, safe, fully equipped cars providing a wide variety of travel destination options appeared for the first time.

Przemek and Maciek take care of the continuous development of the brand. However, we would not get where we are now without the support of our loved ones and our employees. The progress of the company is the most important thing for us, which is why we are happy to surround ourselves with wonderful and creative people.

We produce functional boxes that will easily transform your passenger car into a camper van. Here is where a great adventure begins.

We value the freedom of travelling in a smaller campervan the most, which is why we want to pass it on. We love the fact that we can change our destination at any time – and that is usually what happens. There are many interesting stops along the way that may take longer than initially planned.

In our projects, we focus on ergonomics, functionality and the best use of small space. Everything is planned in minute detail here. All elements are well-thought-out and tested in many different conditions. Each box has its own application and functions. We want each project to meet the users’ expectations.

Pro-ecological solutions and materials are an important issue in our projects. Wherever we can, we think about our planet and use recyclable products. For electrical and hydraulic elements, we use products by companies which are well-known in the world of caravanning. We focus on the highest quality, design and refining every detail.

Love and passion led us to where we are now. We are here to show you the possibilities of travelling in your own home on wheels. The world is open, just get inside and drive!